For Players, Participants, Parents, Coaches, Members, Volunteers, & Spectators

Players, participants, parents, coaches, members, volunteers, and/or spectators attending or participating in any athletic event, sports event, community event, and/or club activity, that is either sponsored or hosted by the Sumner Civitan Club, or any of their official or unofficial partners, will demonstrate through their behavior, conduct, actions, and/or speech, the highest level of “Good Sportsmanship”, “Good Manners”, and respect for their fellow person, including players, teammates, competitors, parents, coaches, referees, officials, spectators, and anyone attending or participating in the event.


Failure to do abide by the this code of conduct may result in removal from the game, event, and/or activity, and removal from the premises by a Sumner Civitan Club Member or law enforcement official, and include additional restrictions in future participation such as verbal or written warning, probation, suspension, and expulsion from the program and any future programs.


We strive to conduct quality events and programs for our community and especially the children in our community. We also understand that players, participants, teammates, parents, coaches, volunteers, members, and spectators can become emotionally invested in games and events. We will try less punitive measures first, such as asking people to change their behavior in a respectful manner. However, we will not tolerate behavior, conduct, actions, and/or speech that is inconsistent with this code of conduct and we will act quickly and severely if needed. We also reserve the right to remove and expel anyone from an event and/or program whom we feel might present a danger to others and/or the children we are trying to serve. We also reserve the right change this code of conduct as we see fit at any time.


We take pride in the programs we offer, and we strive to continuously improve them. We want to focus on teaching our players the fundamentals of the sports they play, good sportsmanship, character, and respect for their fellow person. These lessons are best taught through conduct and behavior that is modeled by fellow players, participants, teammates, competitors, peers, parents, adults, coaches, members, volunteers, and spectators. Please help us make our programs successful by abiding by this code of conduct at all times while at Sumner Civitan Club events, activities, and facilities.